Admissions Information

Fees Structure Agreement and Schedule of Payment


Fees Details:

1.     Tuition including cost of books for each grade is as follows:


Complete Fees

1st Instalment

2nd Instalment

KG 1 & 2

SR 14,400/-

SR 7,450/-

SR 6,950/-

Lower grades (grades 1 to 3)

SR 14,500/-

SR 7,600/-

SR 6,900/-

Upper grades (grades 4 to 6)

SR 16,500/-

SR 8,750/-

SR 7,750/-

Intermediate (grades 7 to 9)

SR 19,000/-

SR 10,000/-

SR 9,000/-


2.     Schedule of Payment:

1st Instalment

2nd Instalment

New student , at the time of admission

Existing student , by the 1st week of the new academic year

By the 1st week of the 2nd Semester


3.     If fees are not paid within the given time, student registration for the academic year is liable to be cancelled.

4.     The 2nd and 3rd siblings are eligible for a 10% discount, the 4th one for 20% and the 5th for a 30% discount in tuition as well as transportation fees.  

5.     Parents who pay the complete dues for the academic year at the time of registration are entitled to a discount of 10% on the fees.

6.     Group discount: Registrations of groups of five to nine students are entitled for a 5% discount each. Groups of ten to thirty students will get a 10% discount each.  (Not applicable to siblings).    


7.     Annual transportation Fee:

One way

Both ways

SR 2000/-

SR 3000/-



8.     Cost of Uniform(1 set ) :

Regular (All Grades)

PE Dress ( Grades 1-3)

SR 200/-

SR 100/-



Plus winter Jacket

KBIS School Accounts:


Account Name


AlJazira Bank:

The Knowledge Bridge International School

SA44 6000 0000 0165 0790 5001

National Commercial Bank

The Knowledge Bridge International School

SA90 1000 0026 0601 5600 0400  

Alinma  Bank:

Company “United  Educators”




Important Instructions:

1.     If a student attends the first week or less of the Semester and then parents want to shift him/her to another school, 90% of the tuition and transportation fees will be refunded.

2.     If a student attends for more than a week but less than four weeks of the Semester and then parents want to shift him/her to another school, 70% of the tuition and transportation fees will be refunded.

3.     If a student attends four weeks or more of the Semester and then parents want to shift him/her to another school, the tuition and transportation fees for the entire semester will have to be paid. There will be no refund. And if the student returns back to school within a week, he/she will be considered a regular student with the previously paid fees.

4.     Fees will be accepted in the form of cash or cheque at the school admin office. In case of Bank transfer, a deposit or transfer slip is to be submitted to admin and an acknowledgement of payment received.

5.     Parents can also pay through their ATM cards at school.

Important Conditions :

1-    In case of non-payment or delay in payment of fees, which constitutes a breach of contract, the school reserves the right to recover the dues through appropriate legal measures including cancellation of the student’s admission for the next academic year

2-    In case of non-payment of previous year’s fees, the student will not be moved to the next grade during the new academic year.

3-    The school is not bound to keep student’s admission in case fees are not paid regularly.    



I ___________________________, parent of _______________________ in Grade _______ have read the rules regarding tuition and transportation fees and agree to abide by the conditions mentioned therein.

Signature: ________________                                    Date: ________________

The school uniform can be collected from the school before the beginning of the new session. The cost of one set including the sports suit will be around SR 240 to 280 depending upon the size.

I. For Girls: 

1)Kindergarten : Brown and white checkered half skirt 

2)Grades 1 to 5 : Brown and white checkered pinafore 

3)Grades 6 to 8 : Brown and white checkered long skirt.
These will be accompanied by a white shirt with brown collar and cuffs.

II. For Boys: 

All grades: 

a) White shirt with checkered collar and cuffs 

b) Brown Trousers

III. PE / Sports Dress : Girls and Boys of all grades: Green T-shirt and off-white trousers IV. Black Shoes and White Socks on all days. 

All the above have been specially made to order for KBIS by Globe Uniforms, Dubai.'

Welcome to KBIS-Riyadh's Registration Center. Please carefully read through the following options in order to register your child: 

Option 1: Online Registration -You may register your child by filling out the online form located at the end of this page. After you have submitted this form you will receive an acknowledgement call/email from the school confirming receipt of the application and offering of a seat to the student. Please visit the school to sign the form, bringing with you the copies (along with their originals for verification) of the following: 

1. Registration form

2. Previous years academic reports signed and stamped from previous school

3. Copy of ID – both sides (Saudi Students)

4. Iqama copy of student and parent (Non Saudi Students)  

5. Passport copy of student and parent

6. Copy of birth certificate

7. Copy of vaccination card

8. Medical report  

9. Letter from sponsor (Non Saudi Students)

10. Fee Structure Agreement duly signed by parent

11. The ministry approval from the previous school

12. Clearance certificate from the previous school

13. Government Books from the previous school

14. (4) Student's passport size photographs

Option 2:You may register your child via our paper application and drop it off in school. Our paper application is offerred in an English as well as Arabic format. Click here to download the English version and استمارة التسجيل . Along with the paper application you will need to bring the documents listed in Option 1 as well. 

أهلا وسهلا بكم في بوابة التسجيل الخاصة بمدارس جسور المعرفة العالمية. نرجو قراءة خيارات تسجيل الطالب بالمدرسة والتي تشتمل على استمارة التسجيل والأوراق الرسمية لإكمال التسجيل

 المقترح الأول: التسجيل عن طريق موقع المدرسة على الإنترنت. تعبئة استمارة التسجيل المرفقة أدناه وإرسالها، ومن ثم تتواصل معكم إدارة المدرسة هاتفيا أو بالبريد الإلكتروني لتأكيد تسجيلكم بالمدرسة وحجز المقعد الدراسي. نرجو زيارة المدرسة بعدها بأقرب وقت لتوقيع نموذج التسجيل  وإرفاق نسخ من الأوراق المطلوبة مع أصولها للمطابقة ووضعها في ملف الطالب  

1. استمارة التسجيل

2. شهادات الطالبـ/ـة للسنين السابقة مختومة و موقعة من إدارة المدرسة السابقة

3. صورة من بطاقة العائلة من الأمام والخلف (للسعوديين)

4. صورة من الإقامة ( لغير السعوديين)

5. صورة من جواز سفر الطالب و ولى أمره

6. صورة من شهادة الميلاد

7. صورة من شهادة التطعيم

8. الكشف الطبي

9. خطاب تعريف من جهة عمل ولى الأمر (لغير السعوديين)

10. التوقيع على اقرار طريقة دفع الرسوم

11. موافقة الوزارة من المدرسة السابقة

12. مخالصة مالية من المدرسة السابقة

13. كتب مواد الهوية الوطنية من المدرسة السابقة

14. (4) صور شخصية

 المقترح الثاني:تسجيل الطالب عن طريق طباعة وتعبئة استمارة التسجيل الموجودة بالموقع باللغتان العربية والإنجليزية

 استمارة التسجيل    / Download the English version  

 .بالإضافة لإرفاق الأوراق المطلوبة أعلاه والحضور للمدرسة لإكمال إجراءات التسجيل  

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Students desirous of admission to any grade in the KBIS, are required to pass an Entrance Test.

The syllabus for which is given here. 


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