Wednesday, 7th November 2012 10:31 am
Another Feather in our cap

Ms. Ghala Al Olayan of grade 7 has done KBIS proud by her outstanding performance in the Middle East Maths Challenge??conducted in November 2012.
Ms. Ghala’s remarkable score puts her among the top 100 students of Saudi Arabia, thus placing The Knowledge Bridges International School??among the top 20 schools of the country.
20 other students of KBIS also bagged Bronze Certificates for their participation in the event.

Sunday, 28th April 2013 10:23 am
Inter School Competition

On the 25th and 26th of April, around 20 of our girls from grades 3 to 7 participated in an Inter school competition titled, “Muslimah 4Ever Youth Fest” covering different categories like 2D Art, Islamic Quiz, Qur’an Recitation and Public Speaking organized by WAMY (World Assembly Of Muslim Youth) and Dar Yanabea Al Jinan.
This was an opportunity for our students to interact with students of other schools, thus learning and enhancing their knowledge and skills,??gaining an awareness of the culture and standard of other schools and developing a competitive spirit.

Wednesday, 29th May 2013 10:21 am
Sadaqa--your way to Jannah

Our next programme that continued for another two weeks was Sadaqa—your way to Jannah.

During this time, the following points were covered in different ways:-
The meaning, importance, benefits and types of Sadaqa were explained, different ways of doing Sadaqa and the difference between Sadaqa and Zakah were taught, concept reviewed through stories and incidents from Islamic History, hands on activities, brochures and ppts. Practical application through small collection drives helped to reinforce the concept. Sadaqa, other than the monetary form was also explained.

Through all this, our objective was to create an Islamic ethos in the school, resulting in holistic character development of our students portraying exemplary conduct and behaviour.

Saturday, 14th December 2013 10:15 am
An Ideal Muslim/Muslimah

Alhamdulillah, our efforts to develop strong character and personality traits among our students continue ceaselessly.
The latest in our series of Islamic themes was the one titled,“An Ideal Muslim/Muslimah”,which was the first to be conducted during this academic year 2013—14.
Interesting sub topics under the theme were:- Honesty with self and others, Honesty in words and actions,Respect for self and others, The Ideal Personality—Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his noble characteristics to be adopted by Muslims, characteristics of the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH), the importance of Husn Al Khuluq, identifying and avoiding deviant or misbehavior at school etc.
This theme continued for two weeks at the end of which a special program was presented by students and teachers which included ppts,skits, Islamic songs, quizzes, speeches by students etc. A number of brochures and daily checklists and schedules were also sent home.
After the initial success of our program, we pray for consistency of deeds among our students which will be an indicator of our complete success inshaAllah.

Thursday, 15th May 2014 10:28 am
Annual Day Programme

KG section and Boys’ section conducted on 13/5/13
Girls’ section conducted on 15/5/13

Both the events were true models of edutainment showcasing the talents of our students through skits,
dramas, speeches, presentations,??action songs, nasheeds etc.

Through this programme was achieved our objective of enhancing speaking and presentation skills, developing language fluency and instilling confidence in our students.They also realized the benefits of team work, perseverance and consistency.

The presentations covered a variety of topics such as Our beautiful Earth, My blessed country, Parents/Mothers, Friends, School, Colours, Fashion,??Happiness and Teenage problems;
Scientific topics such as the Planet song, the Skeleton song, and a presentation on the Bermuda Triangle;??Islamic topics such as Charity, Diseases of the Heart, A Muslim child, Love and obedience towards parents, the most admirable person??on Earth—Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and last but not the least Praises and Thanks to Allah swt.

One of the highlights of the event was an English play enacted by the girls of grades 6&7.
The programmes ended on a joyous note with the graduation ceremonies of KG2 and grade 6.
Alhamdulillah, a day of achievement and satisfaction for all our students, parents and the faculty.

Tuesday, 9th September 2014 10:13 am
International Literacy Day

September 8 proclaimed as International Literacy Day by UNESCO to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies was observed by KBIS today.Through a special assembly students were informed about the global status of literacy and learning. They were also reminded that literacy is a human right as also the foundation of all learning, ??development, ??equality and peace. The theme of International Literacy Day 2014 “ Literacy and Sustainable Development” was explained which helped to inspire students towards increased learning that ??empowers them to make right decisions. A thorough insight into the importance of seeking knowledge mentioned in Islamic teachings was also presented to the students and they were encouraged to do little acts in school that would facilitate learning for them as well as others.??
Brochures were distributed to all students with advice to work towards a creation of a literate society.??

Wednesday, 10th September 2014 10:20 am
Kindness to Parents

In order to inculcate and reinforce the beautiful, practical aspect of Islam and the traditions of our beloved Prophet (pbuh), the Islamic Orientation Committee of KBIS planned and conducted a number of programmes on a variety of Islamic themes covering a period of two weeks each.
The first in this series was,“Kindness to Parents” (Birr Al Waladain)
This theme was explained through talks and presentations based on the Qur’an and Sunnah, emphasizing its significance and importance.
It was further reinforced by stories from the Prophetic traditions, quizzes, competitions, songs, skits and hands on activities related to the theme.
At the end of the programme, brochures depicting ways of expressing ones love to parents as well as art work relating to the theme prepared by students was sent home.
Parents’ happy and positive feedback was reward enough for the efforts put in by teachers.

Tuesday, 16th September 2014 1:14 pm
World Ozone Day

z z
Wednesday, 15th October 2014 10:12 am
Global Handwashing Day

Global Handwashing Day
October 15, 2014
Theme of the year : Choose Handwashing, Choose Health
Today a variety of activities were conducted at school with students in order to instill the importance of handwashing among them.??
1)??Kindergarten section and Grades 1, 2, 3??: Practical demonstration; Power point presentations; take home gift packs comprising of soap, hand tissues, a bottle of handwash and a small mug distributed
2)??Grades 4, 5, 6 :??Power point ??presentations and drawing and coloring competition based on the Global Handwashing Theme 2014, ‘Choose Handwashing, Choose Health’
3)??Grades 7, 8, 9:??Poster/Model making competition on the same
Students demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm and came up with innovative ideas thus helping us to achieve the objective of the day i.e. fostering a global culture of handwashing with soap to create a healthier environment

Tuesday, 28th October 2014 10:07 am
'A profound environment of selflessness and sacrifice at KBIS'

In our series of??Islamic Themes,??this week (26/20/24 – 30/10/14) students and teachers at KBIS are working together to develop the invaluable quality of??Eethaar/Altruism (selflessness and sacrifice)??based on the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.
‘’…but give them preference over themselves, even though they are in privation. And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul – it is those who will be the successful.’‘??[Surah Hashr; Ayah 9 – The Holy Qur’an]
The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, ‘‘None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother, what he loves for himself.’‘ ??[Bukhari and Muslim]
A lesson in selflessness.
“Nothing in nature lives for itself.
Rivers don???t drink their own water.
Trees don???t eat their own fruit.
The sun doesn???t give heat for itself.
Flowers don???t spread fragrance for themselves???
Benefiting others is the Rule of Nature and the path to happiness???.”
[Mufti Ismail Menk]

Saturday, 1st November 2014 3:06 pm
Winners of Poem Recitation Competition

Grils’ Section 

1st Position

1. Lara Adeel Alqadhi Gr 1/A

2. Alaa Mahmoud Abdulfattah Gr 1/B

3. Haya Saad Alfawzan Gr 1/B

4. Laila Adel Alomair Gr 1/B

5. Taraf Mohammed Alnajrani Gr 2/A

6. Hania Mohammad Kashif Gr 2/B

7. Bedour Abdullah Alolyan Gr 2/B

8. Khulood Abdulaziz Bin Laswa Gr 2/B

9. Leena Abdulaziz Alnamlah Gr 2/B

10. Zara Nuaman Ahmed Gr 2/B

11. Faheema Zahra Ramtally Gr 2/B

12. Naifa Abduljabar Alabduljabar Gr 3/A

13. Toleen Ali Alhammad Gr 3/A

14. Lara Mohammed Albeheji Gr 3/B

2nd Position

1. Haniya Irfan Farooqui Gr 1/A

2. Asma Hatem Mubasher Gr 2/A

3. Aljawharah Abdullah Albaiz Gr 3/A

4. Lina Adeel Alqadhi Gr 3/B

3rd Position

1. Dana Hesham Abanmi Gr 1/A

2. Amatus Salaam Abdulsammad Gr 3/A

Boys’ Section
1st Position
1. Ayaan Shafqat Afridi Gr 2/C
2. Saud Mohammad Alyahya Gr 2/D
3. Saleem Raed Abu Tuaimah Gr 2/E
4. Muhammad Ezhan Ansari Gr 3/D
2nd Position
1. Abdullah Nasser Albassam Gr 2/C
3rd Position
1. Mohammad Taib Alasma Gr 2/C

Saturday, 1st November 2014 3:11 pm
Winners of Elocution Competition

 1st Position

1. Laiba Mohammad Amran Gr 4

2. Jood Abduallah Alkhudair Gr 4

3. Lina Saad Albaqiyah Gr 5

4. Sultana Ali Alkhudair Gr 6

5. Alanoud Abdulmajeed Benmuhayzi Gr 7

6. Latifa Abdulrahman Alsaleem Gr 8

7. Renad Foaad Albatati Gr 8

8. Ghala Abdullah Alolyan Gr 9

2nd Position

1. Latifa Abduallah Alolyan Gr 4

2. Ghalia Abdulhameed Alfaraidy Gr 5

3. leena Muhammad Alkhunaini Gr 6

4. Rand Saleh Alnasrallah Gr 7

5. Raheed Talal Basahel Gr 8

6. Sara Abdulaziz Almohana Gr 8

7. Ghadah Abdulaziz Almouataz Gr 9

3rd Position

1. Joury Ahmad Almathkour Gr 4

2. Sara Mazn Alolyan Gr 4

3. Haifa Mohammed Alqassem Gr 5

4. Buduor Mazen Alolayan Gr 6

5. Raghad Adeel Alqadhi Gr 6

6. Aldanah Abdulkarim Alnamlah Gr 7

7. Yara Tariq Alsaleem Gr 7

8. Shekha Saad Almadi Gr 9

Wednesday, 10th December 2014 2:03 pm
2014 Theme: Human Rights 365

Sunday, 14th December 2014 3:15 pm
Winners of Spellathon

 1st Position

1. Dana Hesham Abanmi Gr 1/A

2. Haniya Irfan Farooqui Gr 1/A

3. Lara Adeel Alqadhi Gr 1/A

4. Lateen Mansour Alkharashi Gr 1/A

5. Maryam Zia Sayed Gr 1/A

6. Laila Adel Alomair Gr 1/B

7. Alaa Mahmoud Abdulfattah Gr 1/B

8. Remas Saad Albaqiyah Gr 2/A

9. Shaden Saud Alsubayil Gr 2/A

10. Asma Hatem Mubasher Gr 2/A

11. Taraf Mohammed Alnajrani Gr 2/A

12. Wadha Naif Alqahtani Gr 2/A

13. Sama Mohammed Lubbad Gr 2/A

14. Bedour Abdullah Alolyan Gr 2/B

15. Faheema Zahra Ramtally Gr 2/B

16. Hania Mohammad Kashif Gr 2/B

17. Zara Nuaman Ahmed Gr 2/B

18. Toleen Ali Alhammad Gr 3/A

19. Aljawharah Abdullah Albaiz Gr 3/A

20. Naifa Abduljabar Alabduljabar Gr 3/A

21. Lina Adeel Alqadhi Gr 3/B

22. Joury Ahmad Almathkour Gr 4

23. Laiba Mohammad Amran Gr 4

24. Latifa Abduallah Alolyan Gr 4

25. Haifa Sami Albawardi Gr 5

26. Lina Saad Albaqiyah Gr 5

27. Najla Khalid Albarrak Gr 5

28. Raseel Mohammad Aldowesh Gr 6

29. Sultana Ali Alkhudair Gr 6

30. Alanoud Abdulmajeed Benmuhayzi Gr 7

31. Aldanah Abdulkarim Alnamlah Gr 7

32. Wala Ali Alhammad Gr 8

33. Shaden Saad Albaqiyah Gr 9

2nd Position

1. Benazeer Memon Abdulhaleem Gr 1/A

2. Maimonah Adedoyin Akintokun Gr 1/A

3. Norah Faisal Almisfer Gr 1/A

4. Danah Abdulaziz Alshehri Gr 2/A

5. Ryouf Ibrahim Aldahmash Gr 2/A

6. Khulood Abdulaziz Bin Laswa Gr 2/B

7. Mayar Saud Albader Gr 2/B

8. Thouq Rasheed Alsubaie Gr 3/A

9. Sarah Turki Alotaibi Gr 3/A

10. Wed Abdullah Abosaily Gr 3/A

11. Sadeem Hamad Alotibi Gr 3/B

12. Lara Mohammed Albeheji Gr 3/B

13. Leen Abdullah Almoqhem Gr 4

14. Sara Mazn Alolyan Gr 4

15. Haifa Mohammed Alqassem Gr 5

16. Leena Muhammad Alkhunaini Gr 6

17. Yasmeen Sultan Almusfer Gr 6

18. Rand Saleh Alnasrallah Gr 7

19. Raheed Talal Basahel Gr 8

20. Noura Ali Alkhudair Gr 9

3rd Position

1. Lamar Tareq AlSaleem Gr 1/A

2. Yara Marei Bahmaid Gr 2/A

3. Lamar Jamal Aldhafiri Gr 2/B

4. Noor Ali Alnssr Allah Gr 3/A

5. Danah Sami Alturaif Gr 3/A

6. Amatus Salaam Abdulsammad Gr 3/A

7. Raghad Abdullah Alaqeel Gr 3/A

8. Hawra Ali Alhammad Gr 4

9. Ghalia Abdulhameed Alfaraidy Gr 5

10. Raghad Adeel Alqadhi Gr 6

11. Renad Foaad Albatati

1st Position

1. Yahya Mohammed Darweesh Gr 1/C

2. Shahzeb Omer Omer Gr 1/C

3. Ali Hassan Nazer Gr 1/C

4. Zeyad Mohammad Alamari Gr 1/D

5. Faisal Ayed Alotaibi Gr 1/D

6. Amar Ali Alwadey Gr 1/D

7. Muhammad Abdullah Anwar Gr 2/C

8. Abdullah Sami Alshnaiber Gr 2/C

9. Mohammad Taib Alasma Gr 2/C

10. Saud Mohammad Alyahya Gr 2/D

11. Zyad Saad Almadi Gr 2/D

12. Faisal Bassam Alobeid Gr 2/E

13. Ali Abdulkareem Alsudais Gr 2/E

14. Mishal Ziyad Aldebiyan Gr 2/E

15. Mubark Yousef Alenzi Gr 2/E

16. Saleem Raed Abu Tuaimah Gr 2/E

17. Nooreddin Nasoh Zarzour Gr 2/E

18. Sultan Saleh Aldlaigan Gr 3/C

19. Abdulmalik Abdulrahman Alhagbani Gr 3/D

20. Ashri Hussein Alashri Gr 3/C

2nd Position

1. Abdulrahman Majed Albanmy Gr 1/C

2. Mohammed Mohammad Ali Gr 1/C

3. Mohammad Abdualrzaq Alsaeed Gr 1/D

4. Naser Naif Alotaibi Gr 2/C

5. Ali Omar Alzahrani Gr 2/D

6. Yahya Ameed Shanaah Gr 2/D

7. Saud Nasir Alodan Gr 2/E

3rd Position

1. Shahwaiz Khan Gr 1/C

2. Abdullah Faisal Almisfer Gr 1/C

3. Hasaan Ali Gr 1/C

4. Abdulelah Majed Alzahrani Gr 2/C

5. Faisal Khaled Alzahrani Gr 2/C

6. Ibrahim Mohammed Aturki Gr 2/D

7. Abdullah Omar Dabroum Gr 2/E

8. Shojaa Saad Alqahtani Gr 2/E

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Tuesday, 3rd March 2015 2:37 pm
???????? ??????????????

….?????? ?????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ????????????

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(?????? ??????????????????????…… ???? ???????????????????????? ?????????? ???????? ?????????? ???? ?????????? )

Sunday, 8th March 2015 2:45 pm
Field Trips

First Semester

Grade:?? 1,2,3 (Girls) ?? ????Place: Royal Saudi Air Force Museum/ Saqr Aljazira

Grade:?? 4,5,6,7,8,9 ?? ?? ?? ??Place: Royal Saudi Air Force Museum/ Saqr Aljazira

Grade:?? 1,2,3 (Boys) ?? ????Place: Royal Saudi Air Force Museum/ Saqr Aljazira

Grade:?? KG1 + KG2 ?? ?? ??Place: Zoo


Second Semester

Grade:?? 4,5 (Girls) ?? ?? ?? ??Place: The Saudi Science and Creativity Festival

Grade:?? 1-2-3 (boys) ?? ????Place:??Jamooly World

Grade:?? 1-2-3 (Girls) ?? ????Place:??Jamooly World

Grade:?? KG1 + KG2 ?? ?? ??Place:??My Gym

Grade:?? 4-5 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??Place:??Saffori??Land

Grade:?? 6-7-8 – 9 ?? ?? ?? ???? ??Place:??Riyadh International Book Fair

Tuesday, 10th March 2015 5:00 pm
PD Workshop for Teachers

Professional Development Workshop conducted by Hodder Education for English and Math attended by 4 KBIS teachers on 10/3/15

The workshop provided information on the main features of the Cambridge Framework and Checkpoint/Progression tests. It highlighted the use of main objectives of the Curriculum alongside other programmes of study.

The main part of the session was spent working through activities on a range of different subject skills.

Thursday, 12th March 2015 7:00 am
Kindergarten Section (Pajama Day)

Though the concept of “Pajama Day“, the KG section spent an exciting time together reinforcing the Islamic etiquettes of sleeping and waking up, ??the behavioural objectives of proper dress for sleeping as also the procedure of cleanliness and right way of greeting after waking up.

A big ???Thank you” to all the KG teachers for their untiring efforts and commitment.??

Sunday, 29th March 2015 2:46 pm
Fluent Reader "Winners" Held in March, 2015

Girls section

1.Lateen Mansour Alkharashi Gr1/A

2.Lara Adeel Alqadhi        Gr1/A

3.Haniya Irfan Farooqui        Gr1/A

4.Maryam Zia Sayed        Gr1/A

5.Tasneem Hana Ramtally        Gr1/A

6.Alaa Mahmoud Abdulfattah Gr1/B

7.Haya Saad Alfawzan        Gr1/B

8.Laila Adel Alomair        Gr1/B

9.Sadeen Ahmad Amran        Gr1/B

10.Wesam Khaled Alfadhel Gr1/B

11.Remas Saad Albaqiyah        Gr2/A

12.Faaheema Zahra Ramtally Gr2/B

13.Budoor Abdullah Alolyan Gr2/B

14.Madhawi Saleh Alamri        Gr2/B

15.Nouf Abdullah Altheban Gr2/B

16.Toleen Ali Alhammad        Gr3/A

17.Naifa Abduljabar AlabduljabarGr3/A

18.Wed Abdullah Abosaily Gr3/A

19.Amatus Salaam Abdulsammad Gr3/A

20.Noor Ali Alnssr Allah Gr3/A

21.Sarah Ayman Alsaleh        Gr3/A

22.Lina Adeel Alqadhi        Gr3/B

23.Lara Mohammed Albeheji Gr3/B

24.Alanood Husam Algoblan Gr3/B

25.Reem Jasem Ababutain        Gr3/B

26.Dana Abduallah Alghadeer Gr4

27.Hawra Ali Alhammad        Gr4

28.Laiba Mohammad Amran        Gr4

29.Jood Abduallah Alkhudair Gr4

30.Leen Abdullah Almoqhem Gr4

31.Norah Abdulmajeed Benmuhayzi Gr4

32.Latifa Abduallah Alolyan Gr4

33.Najla Khalid Albarrak Gr5

34.Zari Fatima Souja Ahmed Gr5

35.Ghalia Abdulhameed Alfaraidy Gr5

36.Lina Saad Albaqiyah        Gr5

37.Rand Abdullah Alangari Gr5

38.Haifa Mohammed Alqassem Gr5

39.Raseel Mohammad Aldowesh Gr6

40.leena Muhammad Alkhunaini Gr6

41.Buduor Mazen Alolayan Gr6

42.Wajan Naser Alshabeeb Gr6

43.Yasmeen Sultan Almusfer Gr6

44.Alanoud Abdulmajeed Benmuhayzi Gr7

45.Rand Saleh Alnasrallah Gr7

Boys Section

1.Abdullah Ali Alrajhi Gr1/C

2.Shahzeb Omer Omer Gr1/C

3.Mohammed Mohammad Ali Gr1/C

4.Ali Hassan Nazer Gr1/C

5.Yahya Mohammed Darweesh Gr1/C

6.Haziq Hammad Hasan Gr1/C

7.Faisal Ayed Alosaimi Alotaibi Gr1/D

8.Ahmed Zuhair Aljarallah Gr1/D

9.Amar Ali Alwadey Gr2/C

10.Ayaan Shafqat Afridi Gr2/C

11.Abdullah Nasser Albassam Gr2/C

12.Saud Mohammad Alyahya Gr2/D

13.Zyad Saad Almadi Gr2/D

14.Ibrahim Mohammed Aturki Gr2/D

15.Ali Abdulkareem Alsudais Gr2/E

16.Mubark Yousef Alenzi Gr2/E

17.Sultan Saleh Aldlaigan Gr3/C

18.Ashri Hussein Alashri Gr3/C

19.Saleh Abdulaziz Aljabaan Gr3/C

20.Yazeed Majed Albanmi Gr3/C

21.Muhammad Musa Sauja Gr3/C

22.Fahad Sami Alshenaiber Gr3/D

23.Muhammad Ezhan Ansari Gr3/D

24.Abdulelah Ali Almogaibil Gr3/D

25.Turky Msharyi Almiman Gr3/D

26.Fahad Mohammed Alsuwaidan Gr3/D

27.Ali Slaiman Alawad Gr3/D

Sunday, 5th April 2015 4:15 pm
Science Workshop

Tuesday, 7th April 2015 4:19 pm
World Health Day

Tuesday, 14th April 2015 11:35 am
???Seeds of Change ???YOUTH FEST 2015

Preparations ongoing at KBIS for participation in the Inter School Competition ???Seeds of Change ??? Conducted under the patronage of WAMY “ World Assembly of Muslim Youth”

Participants for the Quran Memorization Competition

Age group 5-7 years

1. Tasneem Hana Ramtally Gr 1/A

2. Alina Razi Syed KG 2/A

3. Ghada Abdulaaly Algassem  Gr 1/A

Age group 8-10 years

1. Amatus Salaam Abdulsammad  Gr 3/A

2. Faheema Zahra Ramtally  Gr2/B 

3. Leen Abdullah Almoqhem  Gr 4

Age group 11-12 years

1. Lina Saad Albaqiyah Gr 5

2. Sadeem Abdulaziz Almouataz Gr 5

Age group 13-14 years

3. Renad Foaad Albatati Gr 8

4. Alanoud Abdullah Albaiz Gr 8

Participant for the Public Speaking Competition:

Age group 11-14 years

1. Latifa Abdulrahman Alsaleem Gr 8

2. Sara Abdulaziz Almohana Gr 8

Age group 8-10 years

1. Lina Adeel Alqadhi Gr 3/B

2. Toleen Ali Alhammad Gr 3/A

Participant for the Art Competition:

Age group 11-14 years

1. Wala Ali Alhammad Gr 8

2. Yara Tariq Alsaleem Gr 6

Participant for the 2D Clay Modeling Competition:

Age group 5-7 years

1. Maryam Zia Sayed Gr 1/A

2. Somwo Thafer Algarni Gr 1/A

Participants for the Enact the Character Competition:

Age group 5-7 years

1. Alaa Mahmoud Abdulfattah Gr 1/B

2. Haniya Irfan Farooqui Gr 1/A

Participants for the Nasheed Competition:

Age group 5-7 years

1. Lara Adeel Alqadhi Gr 1/A

2. Lateen Mansour Alkharashi Gr 1/A

3. Wesam Khaled Alfadhel Gr 1/B

4. Lamar Tareq AlSaleem Gr 1/A

5. Laila Adel Alomair Gr 1/B

6. Joud Mohammed Alsafadi Gr 1/A

7. Haya Saad Alfawzan Gr 1/B

8. Lubna Salahuddin Bin khudhair Gr 1/A

Thursday, 23rd April 2015 2:03 pm
End of Year Dates

Dear Parents,

As salaamu alaikum wrwb,

As we wind up for this academic year 2014-2015, please be informed of the following:

1.  Notification for 2nd Summative (Final Assessment 2014-2015) will be sent home and uploaded to website and Facebook too on 30/4/2015.

2.  Regular school hours (7:00 am to 1.30 pm) to continue till 19/5/2015.

3.  School Timing from 20/5/2015 to 28/5/2015 will be 7am to 10 am.

4.  Last working dayforKG ???? 20/5/2015.

5.  Last working dayforgrades1, 2 and 3 (boys +girls) ???? 27/5/2015.

6.  Last working dayforgrades 4 to 9 ???? 28/5/2015.

7.  Final reports for all gradeson3/6/2015  between7 am to 1 pm.

8.  School reopens fornext academic year 2015-2016on23/8/2015forgrades 4 to 9.

9.  School reopensfornext academic year 2015-2016on24/8/2015forgrades 1 to 3.

10.  School reopens fornext academic year 2015-2016for theKindergartensection on25/8/2015.


KBIS Admin

Tuesday, 8th September 2015 7:00 am
International Literacy Day

Wednesday, 16th September 2015 7:00 am
Hajj Awareness programme

Hajj Awareness programme conducted on 16/9/15…

a festive ambience and an enlightening experience 

Thursday, 15th October 2015 7:00 am
Global Handwashing Day, 2015

 15th October,2015

Global Handwashing Day observed at KBIS

A variety of activities conducted:

Poster/brochure making competition, practical handwashing demonstration, presentations, videos, songs related to the theme of 2015 – “Raise a hand for hygiene”

Presentation by “Direct Care Company”, distribution of brochures and Dettol handwash bottles.

Monday, 19th October 2015 2:08 pm
Winners of Global HandWashing Day Competitions

Poster Making Competition

Brochure Making Competition

Tuesday, 20th October 2015 2:37 pm
World Education Games

School Hall of Fame

Grade Wise List Toppers

z z z
Thursday, 25th February 2016 7:09 am
Winners of Handwriting Competition (Boys Section)

Winners of Handwriting Competition

Boys Section 

 1st Position

1.Syed Muhammad Uzair 1/C

2.Muhammad Zohair Ali 1/C

3.Ahmed mujtaba Faisal 1/D

4.Rayyan Husam Jalal 1/D

5.Abdul Rahman Riaz Syed 2/C

6.Mohammad Ali Sohail Muhammad 2/D

7.Naser Naif Alotaibi 3/C

8.Amar Ali Alwadey 3/C

9.Ali Abdulkareem Alsudais 3D

10.Abdullah Anwar Muhammad 3D

2nd Position

1.Moosa Naeem 1/C

2.Murtaza Ibrahim Sayeed 1/C

3.Basel Omar Abu Khater 1/D

4.Bader Mohammed Alyhya 1/D

5.Mohammed Khalid Alhamed 1/D

6.Shahzeb Omer Yaqoob 2/C

7.Badr Ahmed Alhedaithy 2/D

8.Abdulazeez Mohammed Abdulsamed 2/D

9.Azzam Ibrahim Alaql 3/C

10.Abdulelah Majed Alzahrani 3/C

11.Abdullah Omar Dabroum 3/D

12.Saud Khaled Alrashed 3/D

13.Salim Raed Abutuaima 3/D

3rd Position

1.Abdullah Nadhr Alatassi 1/C

2.Naumaan Taqi 1/C

3.Nasser Emad Alsaeed 1/D

4.Abdullah Bader Alsallal 1/D

5.Odai Emad Yousef Mohammed 1/D

6.Haziq Hammad Sayed Hasan 2/C

7.Talal Haytham Alodan 2/D

8.Meshari Salman Alothaim 2/D

9.Nawaf Abdullah Alghanayem 3/C

10.Saud Mohammad Alyahya 3/C

11.Majed Mohammed Alnemer 3/D

12.Azam Hadi Alazmi 3/D

13.Ayaan Shafqat Afridi 3/D

Thursday, 25th February 2016 7:28 am
Winners of Handwriting Competition

Girls Section 

 1st Position

1.     Malak Sherif Taha 1/A

2.      Zainab Mobin Burney 1/A

3.      Ifrah Mutakabbar 1/A

4.      Lama Abdullah Almoqhem 1/A

5.      Farah Mahmoud Alsafadi 1/B

6.      Reema Rasheed Alrasheed 2/A

7.      Haya saad Alfozan 2/A

8.      Zhang Gang Nannan 2/A

9.      Faahima Zahra Reza Ramtally 3/A

10.  Khulud Abdulaziz Binlaswa 3/A

11.  Sarah Sami Alrshoudi 3/A

12.   Lama Yousef Alkhashan 3/A

13.  Mira Baker Abukhater 3/A

14.  Yara Obaid AlRushud 3/B

15.  Remas Saad Al bqiyah 3/B

16.  Razeen Abdullah Albader 3/B

     2nd Position    

1.      Naya Mohammed Alhussain 1/A

2.      Norah Bassam Albabtain 1/A

3.      Aroosh Iqbal Mohammed 1/A

4.      Jana Sherif Osama 1/B

5.      Tasneem Zahra Ramtally 2/A

6.      Lateen Mansour Alkhrashi 2/A

7.      Hania Irfan Farooqui 2/B

8.      Madhawi Saleh Alamri 3/A

9.      Leena Abdulaziz Alnamlah 3/A

10.     Mayar Saud Albader 3/A

11.   Alyaa Sami Albawardi 3/A

12.   Aljawharah Mohammed Alzaid 3/B

13. Ruyuf Ibrahim Aldahmash 3/B

14.        Taraf Mohammed Alnajrani 3/B

15.       Sama Mohammed Lubbad 3/B

      3rd Position    

1.  Samira Alayham Alkafri  1/B

2. Assel Ahmed Hassan 1/B

3.  Miral Saeed Alamoudi 1/B

4. Layan Nedal AlKhatib 1/B

5. Sara Mohamed Alkhudair 2/A

6.  Laila Fadl Elmawla Hassan Alimam 2/B

7.  Tala Abbdulaziz Alhudhayf 2/B

8. Maryam Zia Sayed 2/B

9. Bedour Abullah Alolyyan 3/A

10. Cyrine Bader Alsallal 3/A

11.   Hania Mohammad Kashif 3/A

12.  Lujain Waleed Alznaidi 3/A

13.   Lamar Jamal Aldheferi 3/A

14. Wadha Naif Alqahtani 3/B

15.   Shaden Saud Alsubayyil 3/B

16. Rafaa Ahmed Kamaleldien 3/B

Tuesday, 1st March 2016 1:16 pm
Winners of Spellathon (Girls Section) 1-3

Winners of Spellathon

Grades 1-3

 1st Position

1.Aroosh Iqbal Mohammed 1/A

2.Ifrah Mutakabbar 1/A

3.Malak Sherif Taha 1/A

4.Naya Mohammed Alhussain 1/A

5.Norah Bassam Albabtain 1/A

6.Tala Rafi Alamri 1/A

7.Zainab Mobin Burney 1/A

8.Rawan Hatem Alsayed 1/A

9.Joann Nasser Alrajhi 1/A

10Assel Ahmed Hassan 1/B

11.Farah Mahmoud Alsafadi 1/B

12.Haya Khalid Albarrak 1/B

13.Jana Sherif Osama 1/B

14.Jumana Rasheed Alsubaie 1/B

15.Layan Nedal AlKhatib 1/B

16.Layan Abdulrahman Bakodah 1/B

17.Malak Ahmed Hassan 1/B

18.Samira Alayham Alkafri 1/B

19.Deema Nawaf Almutairi 1/B

20.Dana Hesham Abanmi 2/A

21.Haya saad Alfozan 2/A

22.Laila Gradel Alomair 2/A

23.Lateen Mansour Alkhrashi 2/A

24.Reema Rasheed Alrasheed 2/A

25.Tasneem Zahra Ramtally 2/A

26.Benazir Memon Abdul Haleem 2/B

27.Ghadah Abdulal Alzahrani 2/B

28.Hafsa Adnan Rasheed 2/B

29.Hania Irfan Farooqui 2/B

30.Laila Fadl Elmawla Hassan Alimam 2/B

31.Maryam Zia Sayed 2/B

32.Ielaf Ali Almasri 2/B

33.Faahima Zahra Reza Ramtally 3/A

34.Hania Mohammad Kashif 3/A

35.Remas Saad Al bqiyah 3/B

2nd Position

1.Lara Majed Altamimi 2/A

2.Wesam Khaled Alfadhel 2/A

3.Zhang Gang Nannan 2/B

4.Khulud Abdulaziz Binlaswa 3/A

5.Yara Obaid AlRushud 3/B

3rd Position

1.Danah Abdulhameed Alfaraidy 2/A

2.Norah Faisal Almisfer 2/A

3.Sara Mohamed Alkhudair 2/A

4.Nouf Abdullah Altheban 3/A

5.Sama Mohammed Lubbad 3/B

Tuesday, 1st March 2016 1:18 pm
Winners of Spellathon (Girls Section) 4-9

Winners of Spellathon

Grades 4-9

 1st Position

1.Aljawharah Abdullah Albaiz 4/A

2.Naifa Abduljabar Abduljabar 4/A

3.Thouq Rasheed Alsubaie 4/A

4.Toleen Ali Alhammad 4/A

5.Joury Khalid Alhamed 4/A

6.Noor Ali Alnssr Allah 4/A

7.Raghad Abdullah Alaqeel 4/A

8.Wed Abdullah Abosaily 4/A

9.Alanood Husam Algoblan 4/B

10Amatus salaam Mohammed Abdul samed 4/B

11.Lara Mohammed Albeheji 4/B

12.Sadeem Hamad Alotibi 4/B

13.Latifa Abduallah Alolyan 5

14.Sara Mazn Alolyan 5

15.Syeda Shaima Syed Mansoor 5

16.Lina Saad Albaqiyah 6

17.Alanoud Abdulmajid Mhaizaa 8

18.Raheed Tallal Basahel 9

2nd Position

1.Danah Sami Alturaif 4/A

2.Ghala Khalid Alabdulkarim 4/A

3.Reem Jasem Ababutain 4/B

4.Areen Sultan Alsmari 5

5.Dana Abduallah Bin Ghadeer 5

6.Haifa Sami Albawardi 6

7.Aldanah Abdulkarim Alnamlah 8

8.Najla Nasser Alharthi 8

9.Yara Tariq Alsaleem 8

10Latifa Abdulrahman Alsaleem 9

3rd Position

1.Zeina Iyad Alyousef 5

2.Rand Saleh Alnasrallah 8

3.Alanoud Abdullah Albaiz 9

Tuesday, 1st March 2016 1:24 pm
Winners of Spellathon (Boys Section) 1-3

Winners of Spellathon

??1st Position

1.Aaraiz Khan 1/C

2.Moosa Naeem 1/C

3.Murtaza Ibrahim Sayeed 1/C

4.Yousef Amr Mohammed 1/C

5.Syed Muhammad Uzair 1/C

6.Basel Omar Abu Khater 1/D

7.Bader Mohammed Alyhya 1/D

8.Aqeel Ahmed Alkhalaf 1/D

9.Shahzeb Omer Yaqoob 2/C

10.Abdulaziz Redha AlAli 2/C

11.Haziq Hammad Sayed Hasan 2/C

12.Shahwaiz Khan Sohail 2/C

13.Yahya Mohamed Darweesh 2/C

14.Ziyad Mohammed Alamri 2/D

15.Abdulazeez Mohammed Abdulsamed 2/D

16.Meshari Salman Alothaim 2/D

17.Talal Haytham Alodan 2/D

18.Faisal Bassam Alobied 3/C

19.Mubark Yousef Alenzi 3/C

20.Ali Abdulkareem Alsudais 3/D

21.Noor eddin Nasouh Zarzour 3/D

22.Salim Raed Abutuaima 3/D

2nd Position

1.Naumaan Taqi 1/C

2.Rayyan Husam Jalal 1/D

3.Abdullah Faisal Almissfer 2/C

4.Mohammad Ali Sohail Muhammad 2/D

5.Amar Ali Alwadey 3/C

6.Abdullah Naif Alenazi 3/D

3rd Position

1.Muhammad Zohair Ali 1/C

2.Faisal Naif Alenazi 1/C

3.Abdullah Omar Alzahrani 1/C

4.Faisal Ayedh Alotaibi 2/C

5.Majed Barjes Alabdulatif 2/D

6.Talal Ahmed Alhedaithy 2/D

7.Mohammad Abdulrazzag Alsaeed 2/D

8.Saud Mohammad Alyahya 3/C

9.Abdullah Anwar Muhammad 3/D

Thursday, 3rd March 2016 1:34 pm
Young Entrepreneurs of KBIS

Young Entrepreneurs of KBIS 

Grade 4/A

1.Aljawharah Abdullah Albaiz

2.Danah Sami Alturaif

3.Ghala Khalid Alabdulkarim

4.Haifa Abdullah Alwasaidi

5.Jomanh Nasser Alrajhi

6.Madhawe Ahmad Alhumaid

7.Naifa Abduljabar Abduljabar

8.Noor Ali Alnssr Allah

9.Raghad Abdullah Alaqeel

10.Reema Salman Alsamiri

11.Salma Sudgi Abu-daabes

12.Sarah Ayman Alsaleh

13.Toleen Ali Alhammad

14.Wed Abdullah Abosaily

Grade 4/B

1.Alanood Husam Algoblan

2.Dona Khalid Alomar

3.Ghaid Mohammed Alzugaibi

4.Hala Mohammed Saleh

5.Lara Mohammed Albeheji

6.Layan Mubarak Alharbi

7.Mays Ahmed Alamassi

8.Rana Majed Almeataq

9.Rawyah Waleed Omer

10.Reem Jasem Ababutain

11.Sadeem Hamad Alotibi

12.Sara Bassam Alobeid

13.Sodayn ahmed kamaleldien

Grade 5

1.Areen Sultan Alsmari

2.Dana Abduallah Bin Ghadeer

3.Ethar Tareq Almaghrabi

4.Fajer Majed Altrairi

5.Ghaliah Hasn Alomran

6.Hawra Ali Alhammad

7.Jood Abduallah Alkhudair

8.Latifa Abduallah Alolyan

9.Layan Sami Alrsgoudi

10.Lena Foaad Albatati

11.Lian Khaled Alhasini

12.Maryam Mohammed Darweesh

13.Monerah Abdulrazzag Alsaeed

14.Nadya Ghanim Alghanim

15.Norah Abdulmajeed Benmuhayzi

16.Relam Abdullah Alshmasi

17.Sara Mazn Alolyan

18.Sara Mohammad Almaaz

19.Syeda Shaima Syed Mansoor

20.Zeina Iyad Alyousef

Grade 6

1.Dalal Khaleel Alessa

2.Ghalia Abdulhameed Alfaraidy

3.Haifa Sami Albawardi

4.Jana Hesham Abhari

5.Lina Saad Albaqiyah

6.Lolwh Husam Algoblan

7.Mayar Bader Alabdulgader

8.Muneera Abdullah Bin Ghadeer

9.Najla Khalid Albarrak

10.Rand Abdullah Alangari

Grade 7

1.Buduor Mazen Alolayan

2.Lina Muhammad Alkhunaini

3.Nouf Khalid Albarrak

4.Orjwan Mohammad Bin Ateef

5.Sara Abdullah Alharthi

6.Yasmeen Sultan Almusfer

Grade 8

1.Arwaa Tareq Almaghrabi

2.Jana Abdullah Alolyyan

3.Lama Suliman Alyahya

4.Najla Nasser Alharthi

5.Rand Saleh Alnasrallah

6.Settah Saleh Alhusainan

7.Yara Sulaiman Alnoaisri

Grade 9

1.Alanoud Abdullah Albaiz

2.Raghad Ibrahim Alqublan

3.Raheed Tsllal Basahel

4.Renad Fuad Albatati

5.Sarah Abdulaziz Almohanna

6.Wala Ali Alhammad

Monday, 7th March 2016 1:10 pm
Winners of Drawing and Coloring Competition

Winners of Drawing and Coloring Competition

1st Position

1.Zainab Mobin Burney 1/A

2.Farah Mahmoud Alsafadi 1/B

3.Abdullah Nadhr Alatassi 1/C

4.Nasser Emad Alsaeed 1/D

5.Haya saad Alfozan 2/A

6.Maryam Zia Sayed 2/B

7.Zhang Gang Nannan 2/B

8.Abdul Rahman Riaz Syed 2/C

9.Faisal Ayedh Alotaibi 2/C

10.Abdulazeez Mohammed Abdulsamed 2/D

11.Alyaa Sami Albawardi 3/A

12.Madhawi Saleh Alamri 3/A

13.Sama Mohammed Lubbad 3/B

14.Alwaleed Mohammed Almaaz 3/C

15.Saud Khaled Alrashed 3/D 

2nd Position

1.Ghadeer Bander Mokhaleb 1/A

2.Reem Abdullah Alharthi 1/A

3.Deema Nawaf Almutairi 1/B

4.Rose Riyad Alshaqi 1/B

5.Samira Alayham Alkafri 1/B

6.Abdullah Khaled Alzahrani 1/C

7.Moosa Naeem 1/C

8.Syed Muhammad Uzair 1/C

9.Khaleed Majed Almudifer 1/D

10.Rayyan Husam Jalal 1/D

11.Laila Adel Alomair 2/A

12.Lubna Salahuddin Alkhudhair 2/A

13.Sara Mohamed Alkhudair 2/A

14.Ghadah Abdulal Alzahrani 2/B

15.Yara Osama Baker 2/C

16.Ahmed Zuhair Aljarallah 2/C

17.Shahwaiz Khan Sohail 2/C

18.Meshari Salman Alothaim 2/D

19.Talal Haytham Alodan 2/D

20.Cyrine Bader Alsallal 3/A

21.Sarah Sami Alrshoudi 3/A

22.Aljawharah Mohammed Alzaid 3/B

23.Remas Saad Al bqiyah 3/B

24.Saud Mohammad Alyahya 3/C

25.Ayaan Shafqat Afridi 3/D

3rd Position

1.Ifrah Mutakabbar 1/A

2.Lama Abdullah Almoqhem 1/A

3.Haya Khalid Albarrak 1/B

4.Lara Marei Bahmaid 1/B

5.Layan Abdulrahman Bakodah 1/B

6.Faisal Naif Alenazi 1/C

7.Muhammad Zohair Ali 1/C

8.Murtaza Ibrahim Sayeed 1/C

9.Aqeel Ahmed Alkhalaf 1/D

10.Bader Mohammed Alyhya 1/D

11.Basel Omar Abu Khater 1/D

12.Lara Majed Altamimi 2/A

13.Roweem Talal Basahel 2/A

14.Tasneem Hana Reza Ramtally 2/A

15.Wesam Khaled Alfadhel 2/A

16.Benazir Memon Abdul Haleem 2/B

17.Noura Mohammed Alshunaifi 2/C

18.Haziq Hammad Sayed Hasan 2/C

19.Badr Ahmed Alhedaithy 2/D

20.Mohammad Ali Sohail Muhammad 2/D

21.Talal Ahmed Alhedaithy 2/D

22.Ziyad Mohammed Alamri 2/D

23.Khulud Abdulaziz Binlaswa 3/A

24.Leena Abdulaziz Alnamlah 3/A

25.Mira Baker Abukhater 3/A

26.Jana Naif Alharbi 3/B

27.Abdulelah Majed Alzahrani 3/C

28.Azam Hadi Alazmi 3/D

Thursday, 10th March 2016 3:19 pm
Winners of Spellathon Competition ( Kindergarten Section )

??Spellathon Competition??

Kindergarten Section??

??1st Position

1.Menaal Atif Kg2/A

2.Mohamed Maged Hosny Kg2/A

3.Rayan Mahmoud Altarawneh Kg2/A

4.Yahya Mubashir Qazi Kg2/A

5.Zadane Faheem Aziz Kg2/A

6.Abdulaziz Abdulelah Alfentok Kg2/B

7.Abdulaziz Ibrahim Aldahmash Kg2/B

8.Aljohara Saad Alfozan Kg2/B

9.Deema Abdullah Aldukhil Kg2/B

10.Faris Majed Alturari Kg2/B

11.Jomana Faisal Alnoiser Kg2/B

12.Leen Mohammed Albeheji Kg2/B

13.Mohamed Hadi Burney Kg2/B

14.Shahah Khaled Alhudaithi Kg2/B

15.Jowana Alshehri Kg2/C

16.Leen Mazeen Abdullah Kg2/C

17.Rayan Salem Aljizani Kg2/C

18.Waleed Ahmed Alenazy Kg2/C

19.Abdulaziz Mohammed Aleid Kg2/D

20.Aliya Naif Alqahtani Kg2/D

21.Ghanayem Abdullah Alghanayem Kg2/D

22.Rakan Abdullah Alolayan Kg2/D

2nd Position

1.Ahmad Amjad Zatar Kg2/A

2.Muhammad Hasaan – jawad Kg2/A

3.Rayyaan Taqi Kg2/A

4.Zara Naz Suliman Kg2/A

5.Abdulmalik Mohammed Abdulsamed Kg2/B

6.Layan Abdullah Albusaily Kg2/B

7.Muhammad Zayd Kg2/B

8.Rasheed Saeed Alrasheed Kg2/B

9.Remas Sultan Alsemari Kg2/B

10.Abdulaziz Mazen Alolayan Kg2/D

11.Sultan Mohammaed Lubbdad Kg2/D

3rd Position

1.Ifra Naz Tahir Kg2/A

2.Raghad Almaghrabi Kg2/A

3.Sayed Abdulrahman Shabeer Kg2/B

4.Jouri Khaled Alzahrani Kg2/D

Thursday, 17th March 2016 12:59 pm
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Thursday, 21st April 2016 7:00 am
Activities conducted during The Academic Year 2015-2016 (KG)

Kindergarten Section

z z z
Sunday, 18th September 2016 7:00 am
Back to School (Academic year 2016-17)

KBIS enthusiastically welcomed its students to the new academic year 2016 -17.

Grades 4 to 9 reported on 18/9/16 and they were greeted with a special program in the school auditorium which included the following :-
1) Qur’aan recitation
2) Hadith related to importance and benefits of education
3) Welcome songs
4) Talk by Principal including behavioural aspect, respecting teachers
5) Address by Academic Director including meaning and importance of education, its
application to real life, role of teachers as facilitators, character development
6) Talk by Students’ Counselor
7) Ppt about development of schools /education in KSA
8) Discussion about the need and importance of having vacations
9) Useful tips for success
10) English riddles and an onscreen quiz in Math
Alhamdulillah, a very interactive program with full student participation, a good start to the year!

Grades 1,2&3 and the Kindergarten section reported on 19/9/16 and 20/9/166 respectively. They were welcomed with beautiful songs and rhymes, power point presentations related to school and daily routines,a discussion of the vacations, brush up of basic Islamic concepts and a lot of games.
The highlight was the presence of clowns conducting a variety of games and painting students faces.
A pleasure to see the happy and excited students by the end of the program, alhamdulillah.

Sunday, 25th September 2016 9:12 am
86th Saudi National Day

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Monday, 7th November 2016 7:00 am
Winners of Sports Week ( 1 to 3 Boys)

Winners of Sports Week 

( 1 to 3 Boys)

 Running Race.

 Grade 1

1. Bader Nuhayr     ???1D???

2. Meshaal Alshaya   ???1C???

3. Waleed Alenazy    ???1D???

Grades 2+3:

1. Yasser Alshaya     “3C”

2. Majed binalaswa    “2C”

3. Ziyad Alamri       “3D

Hopping Race.

Grade 1

1. Abdullah Aldawehes   ???1D???

2. Faris Alturai         ???1C???

3. Abdulmalik Abdulsamed  “1C”

Grades 2+3

1. Yasser Alshaya     “3C”

2. Yahya Darweesh    “3C???

3. Ziyad Alamri.      “3D”

Book Balancing Race.
Grades 2+3:
1. Rayyan jalal        “2C”
2. Murtaza sayeed     “2C”
3. Meshari Alothim     “3D”
Lemon And Spoon Race .
Grade 1:
1. Meshaal alshaya   ???1C???
2. Abdulaziz alowise  ???1C???
3. Ahmad Zatar     ???1D
Grades 2+3:
1. Turki althuwaibi    “2C”
2. Yousef sudqi salem  “2C”
3. Mohammed shees   “2C”
Hurdle Race:
Grade 1:
1. Sattam Alzunidi    “1D”
2. Faris Alturari       “1C”
3. Jameel sehab       “1D”
4. Rayaan Taqi         “1C”

Monday, 7th November 2016 8:21 am
Winners of Sports Week ( 1 to 3 Girls)

Running Race

Grade 1

1. Al jazi Al Kassim      ???1A???

2. Shahah Alhudaithi    ???1A???

3. Leen Albeheji         ???1B???

Grades 2-3

1. Tala Alhudhayf     ???3B???

2. Haya alfozan       ???3A???

3. Kawsar alshowi    ???3A???

Hopping Race

Grade 1

1. Deema Aldakhil      ???1A???

2. Al jazi Al Kassim     ???1A???

3. Nouf Alnogaidan      ???1B???

Grades 2-3

1. Haya albarrak       “2A”

2. Fajer alodayni       ???2A???

3. Jana alsaleh        ???2A???

Book Balancing Race

Grade 1

1. Jomana Said       “1A”

2. Mesk Alenazi       “1A”

3. Remas  Alsemari    “1A”

Lemon And Spoon Race 

Grade 1

1. Lilas Al shrie    ???1B???

2. Nehal Hachem   ???1B???

3. Sarah Bahumid     ???1B

Grade 2-3

1. Nouf Alsail         ???2A???

1. Lamar Abdullah     “3A”

2. Tala alabdulkarim    “2A”

3. Hafsa Adnan        “3B”


Hoop Game Relay Race and Over, Under, Over, Under Relay Race

Grade 1


Hoop Game Relay Race and Over, Under, Over, Under Relay Race

Grades 2-3


Thursday, 10th November 2016 10:40 am
Mid Term Break

Mid Term Break
11/11/16 – 19/11/16

Thursday, 1st December 2016 7:00 am
Winners of Poem Recitation Competition Girls 1 to 3

Winners of Poem Recitation Competition

Grades 1 to 3 (Girls)

1st Position

1.?? Jomana Faisal Alnoiser ??Gr 1A

2.?? Leen Mohammed Albeheji?? Gr 1B

3.?? Zainab Mobin Burney?? Gr 2A

4.?? Samira Alayham Alkafri?? Gr 2A

5.?? Nouf Mohammed Alsail?? Gr 2B

6.?? Haya saad Alfozan?? Gr3A

7.?? Danah Abudlhameed Alfaraidy Gr 3B

8.?? Hania Irfan Farooqui Gr 3B

2nd Position

1.?? Deema Abdullah Aldakhil ??Gr 1A

2.?? Shahah Khaled Alhudaithi?? Gr 1A

3.?? Anam Fatima Mohammed ??Gr 1B

4.?? Naya Mohammed Alhussain?? Gr 2A

5.?? Jumana Rasheed Alsubaie?? Gr 2A

6.?? Lama Abdullah Almoqhem?? Gr 2A

7.?? Rose Riyad Abdu Alshaqi?? Gr 2B

8.?? Ghadeer Bander Mokhaleb Gr 2B

9.?? Laila Adel Alomair Gr 3A

10.?? Laila Fadl Elmawla Gr 3B

3rd Position

1.?? Aljawharah Saad Alfozan ??Gr 1A

2.?? Hoor Bandar Alswilih?? Gr 1A

3.?? Ezza Adnan Azizkhan?? Gr 1B

4.?? Ifra Naz Tahir?? Gr 1B

5.?? Raghad Mohsin Almaghrabi?? Gr 1B

6.?? Norah Bassam Albabtain Gr 2A

7.?? Ifrah Abdul Mutakabbar Aslam ??Gr 2A

8.?? Rawan Hatem Alsayed?? Gr 2B

9.?? Deema Nawaf Almutairi?? Gr 2B

10.?? Lateen Mansour Alkhrashi Gr 3A

11.?? Reema Rasheed Alrasheed Gr 3A

Thursday, 1st December 2016 7:00 am
Winners of Poem Recitation Competition Boys 1 to 3

Winners of Poem Recitation Competition

Grades 1 to 3 (Boys)

1st Position

1.  Abdulaziz Abdulelah Alfantoukh Gr 1C

2.  Ahmad Amjad Zatar  Gr1D

3.  Murtaza Ibrahim Sayeed Gr2C

4.  Faisal Ayedh Hadi Alotaibi Gr3C

5.  Talal Haytham Alodan Gr3D

6.  Abdulazeez Mohammed Abdulsamed Gr3D

2nd Position

1.  Muhammad Hadi Burney Gr1C

2.  Rayan Mahmoud Altarawneh Gr1D

3.  Naumaan Taqi  Gr2C

4.  Moosa Naeem Gr2C

5.  Yahya Mohamed Darweesh Gr3C

6.  Haziq Hammad Gr3C

7.  Yasser Mohammad Alshaya Gr3C

8.  Shahzeb Omer Yaqoob Gr3D

9.  Eyad Nasir Alowais Gr3D

3rd Position

1.  Rayyaan Taqi  Gr1C

2.  Muhammad Uzair Mujahid Gr1C

3.  Odai Mohammad Alhieh  Gr1D

4.  Aaraiz Khan Gr2C

5.  Mueez Ali Mohammed Faisal Gr2C

6.  Abdullah Faisal Almissfer Gr3C

7.  Abdul Rahman Riaz Syed Gr3C

8.  Ahmed Zuhair Aljarallah Gr3C

9.  Badr Ahmed Alhedaithy Gr3D

10.  Mohammad Sohail Ali Gr3D

Thursday, 1st December 2016 7:00 am
Winners of Elocution Competition Grades 4 to 6

Winners of Elocution Competition 

Grades 4 to 6 Girls

1st Position

1.  Kinza Fatima Muhammad Faisal Gr 4A

2.  Hania Mohammad Kashif  Gr4A

3.  Taraf Mohammed Alwatban Gr4B

4.  Aljawharah Abdullah Saud Albaiz Gr5A

5.  Madhawe Ahmad Ibrahim Alhumaid Gr5A

6.  Naifa Abduljabar Abdulrahman Abduljabar Gr5A

7.  Noor Ali Maezoog Alnssr Allah Gr5A

8.  Raghad Abdullah Mohammed Alaqeel Gr5A

9.  Sarah Ayman Ghazi Alsaleh Gr5A

10.  Toleen Ali Abdullah Alhammad Gr5A

11.  Alanood Husam Algoblan Gr5B

12.  Lara Mohammed Albeheji Gr5B

13.  Areen Sultan Alsmari Gr6

14.  Jood Abduallah Alkhudair Gr6

15.  Zeina Iyad Alyousef Gr6

2nd Position

1.  Faahima Zahra Reza Ramtally Gr4A

2.  Dana Abdulaziz Alshehri Gr4B

3.  Wed Abdullah Mohammed Abosaily Gr5A

4.  Dona Khalid Abdulaziz Alomar Gr5A

5.  Linta Shahbaz Gr5B

6.  Reema Ahmed Alfayez Gr5B

3rd Position

1.  Rafaa Ahmed Kamaleldien Khalid Gr4B

2.  Wadha Naif Nasser Alqahtani Gr4B

3.  Rimsha Mohammed Ilyas Mohammed Gr5B

4.  Sadeem Hamad Hamdan Alotibi Gr5B

5.  Danah Sami Saleh Alturaif Gr5A

6.  Sodayn ahmed kamaleldien Gr5B

Friday, 2nd December 2016 7:00 am
Winners of Coloring Competition (Kindergarten Section-1)

Winners of Coloring Competition??

(Kindergarten Section – 1)??

1st Position

1.?? Ahmad Mohammed Shehab?? Kg1/A

2.?? Renad Gharib Abouelnasr?? Kg1/A

3.?? Mohammed Abdullatif Abdulaziz?? Kg1/A

4.?? Sarah Abdul Rehman Shariff?? Kg1/A

5.?? Farida Mostafa Elbakra?? Kg1/A

6.?? Khaled Ibrahim Almunaif?? Kg1/A

7.?? Suaad Ahmed Zawawi?? Kg1/A

8.?? Khaled Ibrahim Almunaif Kg1A

9.?? Abdullah Mohammed Al tarawneh?? Kg1/C

2nd Position

1.?? Yahya Qusai Ghawanmeh?? Kg1/A

2.?? Raneem Abdullah Alkathri?? Kg1/A

3.?? Sarah Mohammed Albogami?? Kg1/A

4.?? Shaden Abdulaziz Altraif?? Kg1/A

5.?? Haifa Mohammad Alsaheal Kg1/A

6.?? Osama Ali Alsaghair Kg1/B

7.?? Iqbal Adnan Kg1/B

8.?? Yara Abdulaziz Alhedaif?? Kg1/B

9.?? Daleen Bader Aldosari Kg1/B

10.?? Rayyan Abdulkhaliq Shaikh Kg1/C

3rd Position

1.?? Naif Sultan Albulwi Kg1/A

2.?? Nour Maged Mohamad Kg1/A

3.?? Rana Fahad Alotaibi Kg1/B

4.?? Lama Abdullah Alhodaif Kg1/B

5.?? Nourah Abanmie Kg1/C

6.?? Sultan Mohammed Banafea Kg1/C

7.?? Redwan Abdulaziz Mukerd?? Kg1/C??

Friday, 2nd December 2016 7:00 am
Winners of Coloring Competition (Kindergarten Section-2)

Winners of Coloring Competition 

(Kindergarten Section-2)  

1st Position

1.  Huda Ali Almasri  Kg2A

2.  Alanoud Abdulrahman Alkhasheun Kg2A

3.  Jood Salaah Baabdullah Kg2A

4.  Fahad Ahmad Alroshode Kg2B

5.  Reema Khalid Alsamari Kg2B

6.  Khalid Hisham Abanumay Kg2B

7.  Reema Saad Alshelwan Kg2B

8.  Noorah Ibrahim Sayeed Kg2B

9.  Rose Abdulaziz Binlaswa Kg2B

2nd Position

1.  Raghad Fathi Alswsi Kg2A

2.  Deema Abdulaziz Alshehri Kg2B

3.  Lamea Abdulaziz Almutlaq  Kg2B

3rd Position

1.  Rahaf Mohammed Alotabi Kg2A

2.  Rakan Fisal Aleter  Kg2B

3.  Fasil Khaled Al Shamik Kg2A

4.  Yara Omar Banafa Kg2C

5.  Manal Rasheed Adnan Kg2A

6.  Natalie Abdullah Alqahtani Kg2C

Thursday, 8th December 2016 7:00 am
Winners of Debate Competition Grades 7 to 9

Winners of Debate Competition

??Grades 7 to 9

1st Position

1.?? Mariya Riyad Alshaqi?? Gr 8

2.?? Ghalia Abdulhameed Alfaraidy?? Gr 7

2nd Position

1.?? Sadeem Abdulaziz Almouataz?? Gr 7

3rd Position

1.?? Yara Sulaiman Alnoaisri?? Gr 9

Saturday, 24th February 2018 9:00 am
Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent Teacher Meeting on 24/02/2018 between 09:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Sunday, 25th February 2018 7:00 am

The final round of Spellathon will be conducted as follows :

Grades 4 & 5 on 25/02/2018

Grades 6,7 & 8 on 26/02/2018

Girls Grades 1,2, & 3 on 27/02/2018

Boys Grades 1,2, & 3 on 28/02/2018

Tuesday, 27th February 2018 10:00 am
Cultural Festival of KSA

A colorful display of the traditions and culture of Saudi Arabia by students and teachers.


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